The Legendary Night is Followed by a Legendary Hangover

What if you were a part of a legendary night but have no memory of it? Well, some people have experienced it firsthand, and you can see that in the movie The Hangover. the unexpected adventure that nobody expects. With the best movie cast, it went awry, which caused some issues. It solidified The Hangover trilogy as well.

Story goes like…

In the opening scene, Phil, Stu, and Alan are standing in the centre of the street. Phil phones Tracy and informs her that they won’t arrive in time and that Dough, Tracy’s fiancé, has either been kidnapped or is missing due to their lack of knowledge about him. In the following scenario, Dough visits a tailor to get his soon-to-be brother-in-law, who is not mentally fit, measured for his wedding suit. Alan joins Dough’s buddies Phil and Stu as they organise a bachelorette party for Dough in Los Angeles. On the journey, Alan causes a lot of problems, but Dough instructs them to work with him as his mind takes information differently than other people’s minds. For the celebration, they reserved a luxury suit in a hotel. Everyone gathers on the rooftop for a surprise on the night of the celebration, where Alan reads the letter he wrote to Dough and Phil shares his life story. On the roof, the partying began.

Everyone at the hotel awakens the following morning except for Dough. They begin to remember events from the previous night because they have no memory of last night. They have a baby in the room, and Stu lost one of his teeth. They looked there for Dough but were unable to locate him. The police car was taken. As there was a hospital bill in Phil’s wallet, they can visit the facility to learn more and there they discover that the alcohol they had consumed the previous night had been laced with a significant amount of the drug rupylin. They go there in search of information about the previous night and to find out who gave them the drugs after the doctor informed them about the wedding at the Best Little Chapel.

The Best Little Chapel’s receptionist, Carlos, briefed them on what had happened the night before and asked them to send a gift for Stu and his bride, Jade, who had been married the previous evening while Stu was unconscious. They asked Carlos for Jade’s address, and he gave it. They had surprisingly asked Jade if the youngster in the hotel room was hers. To apprehend them for auto theft, the cops arrived there. They create a trade with Officers, they accept their trade in exchange for their release from custody.

They had a hilarious encounter with Mr. Chow, however if you watch this sequence on TV, you might be unable to see it due to censorship. They encountered Mike Tyson and his tiger, and further details could give away the plot of the film because the Dough is still a mystery. The Hangover Part 1 is the first film in the trilogy, and there are many funny scenes scattered throughout the film. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate it more than that with your pals. I hope you enjoyed PXGMovies‘ review of The Hangover. You can provide us with your own personal experience in the remarks section.

Cast of The Hangover Movie

Bradley Cooper portrays Phil, ED Helms portrays Stu, Zach Galifianakis portrays Alan, and Justin Bartha portrays Dough. Heather Graham plays Jade, Sasha Barrese portrays Tracy, and Ken Jeong makes his acting debut as Mr. Chow. The film was directed by Todd Phillips, known for The Joker and Old School.

Information about the Film The Hangover

  • With 795k votes, it has a 7.7 rating in IMDB.
  • This film has a Metascore of 73.
  • The publication date was June 5, 2009.
  • Budget $35,000,000
  • Total worldwide box office receipts: $469,328,079

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